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home : opinions : opinions   January 25, 2015

5/8/2013 9:34:00 AM
Letters to the editor: We're putting too much power in hands of teen girls

How strange and contradictory our society has become. A doctor, nurse practitioner, physician’s assistant or pharmacist must study for years and obtain an advanced degree before they may legally prescribe or dispense prescriptions for drugs. But a teenage girl, who has probably not even taken the most basic courses in anatomy and physiology, biology, microbiology or pharmacology, is considered to be intellectually and educationally mature enough to determine that it is safe for her to take a drug that is designed to cause a malfunction of her reproductive system.
Medical professionals are expected to know how drugs act; what their side effects might be; how they interact with other medications or foods; and who should not use them because of other health conditions. But a judge, who probably has no more medical qualifications then a teenaged girl, can declare it “legal” for that girl to buy such drugs over the counter with no medical or parental guidance. That judge should be impeached!
Have we come full-circle back to the days when it was perfectly legal to sell narcotic-laced elixirs to anyone with the money to buy them? Are the only qualifications for selling them again to be an ability to market a myth to con people out of their money? Planned Parenthood should be proud of how well their philosophy of sex without consequences has taken root in our culture.
Patricia (Pat) Wagner, RN, BSN, Natural Family Planning Institute, Utica

Reader Comments

Posted: Friday, May 10, 2013
Article comment by: Kepha

Ron, Your first moments of life were two-celled. If you prevent a fertilized egg from implanting you are ending a human life. The potential of the egg and the sperm has been actualized: their is a new, separate, distinct, and precious life inside of the mother.

Define for me when 'human life' begins. Implantation? Heart beat? Fingers and toes?

How much money would satisfy you? As if a dollar amount makes one's argument valid.

Posted: Friday, May 10, 2013
Article comment by: ronwood61

So now we are down to a fertilized egg being a human being in Kepha's opinion. No shape, no heart beating, no brain, no blood flowing, but yet a human being? If a "potential" is your idea of an abortion then any man who has a vasectomy is having an abortion for "killing" his sperm which is a potential life.
The medical community does not consider the morning after pill to be performing abortion but there is another pill that is actually called "the abortion pill" which causes a fertilized and implanted egg to mis-carry.
How much money has generous Kepha given to support the millions of unwanted children before, and now after, the advent of this morning after pill?

Posted: Thursday, May 9, 2013
Article comment by: Kepha

Ron, The morning after pill causes an abortion by "keeping a fertilized egg from implanting in the uterus" ( I am sick of the question "would you pay for the kid?" YES! I've offered. I'll answer yes for Pat as well and for all pro-lifers worth their salt. That is part of the support provided to women in a tough spot. Your solution is to kill the unwanted child. That is barbaric.

MW, Prolifers try to save the woman from the harm (physical and mental) that abortion causes and at the same time saving the life of the unborn child.

Posted: Thursday, May 9, 2013
Article comment by: ronwood61

Pat, you seem to think this is a dangerous drug which tends to demean your education. This pill has been used in Europe for many, many years with no adverse medical affects. The medical community (except you) has deemed it safe enough to be sold over the counter. The judge has put a 15 year old limit on it's purchase, down from age 17. You apparently are trying to use a medical argument for a moral question and debate. My question to you - are you willing to contribute to the support of a baby who was not wanted by the mother but she could not buy this pill because you made it unavailable? This pill will lower the numbers of abortions so I personally am for it.

Posted: Thursday, May 9, 2013
Article comment by: METALWORKER

Patricia, It just leaves me dumbfounded over the way some of you folks who just love to put a title to your name and then post an opinion under that title.
In this case it is about a young girls use of a pill.
The question is not should she use it and whose choice should that use be.
No where do you mention, much less address the fact that these are not virgin pregnancies. There is another person involved in every instance.
That person may be a doctor, reverend, father, grand father uncle, mothers boyfriend.

Perhaps this girl has just been bullied by a peer group or those like you, and make no mistake, your statements in this piece are, to some, just that.
Some of these girls have been abused most of their lives by the very people they should be able to trust. You then, or some one like you comes along and calls them names , their actions are not those of a responsible person when in fact they may not have any place OR ONE TO TURN TO AND SO IN THE GUILT placed on them by you and the better than though group you belong to, turn to the one act they think they control take to their life.
It happens every day to hundreds of young girls weekly and you say, not my problem.

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