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home : opinions : letters to the editor   April 29, 2016

2/20/2013 10:02:00 AM
Letters to the Editor: Priest simply defending basic principles

I would like to respond to Sandy Slusarek’s letter which was posted in the Open Forum on Feb. 16.
First of all, to judge one’s actions or “lifestyle” according to Biblical teachings or natural law is not uncharitable. It is actually against charity to allow someone to continue living a sinful life without correcting them. Loving correction is not the same as judging the state of one’s soul (whether they will spend eternity in heaven or hell). God is perfect in all things. He is also a God of perfect justice. To assert that homosexuals in same sex marriage are not “morally reprehensible” goes directly against biblical teaching. All of the morally reprehensible acts she listed are indeed that and are all condemned in scripture either explicitly or implicitly. Homosexual acts are specifically and explicitly condemned in Holy Scripture. The Roman Catholic Church has always taught and always will teach the same. The issue of orphans she raised is misleading. The number is inflated and does not actually represent the number of children in orphanages or living in poverty on the streets. The impending world population crisis (rapidly decreasing birth rate) grossly overshadows the issue of number of orphans. The implication that allowing same sex marriage would be a fix for the orphan crisis is a serious error and a fabrication.
Sandy and many others like her have fallen into the trap of modern thinking which says that “you’re OK and I’m OK-let’s just all love each other and not offend anyone.” We should love each other and we do desire not to offend but not at the expense of truth. The truth can sometimes “hurt”. We should not run from this pain but embrace it because without truth, every moral teaching will be up for grabs. The definition of marriage is the bond between one man and one woman and the fruit of children can only flow from this bond. Not the bond between two men or two women.
Fr. Gardner is simply defending basic moral principles and he is not hateful or judgmental. To call him that is a defense tactic to push a general agenda which is sweeping through many Christian denominations.
An agenda to legitimize morally reprehensible acts such as homosexuality, abortion, contraception, and euthanasia. God is truth and he will judge us all on the last day.

Derek Bonnell,

Reader Comments

Posted: Monday, March 4, 2013
Article comment by: Kepha

Ron, I am afraid you information regarding the authorship and historical voracity of the books in the Bible is incorrect.

The entire New Testament was written within living memory of Jesus. Much was written those who traveled with and knew Jesus.

The New Testament Canon (those books that 'make it' into the Bible) was codified at the Counsel of Carthage in 397. This same Canon had been in use many years prior to 397.

Good translations like the King James accurately match the original papyrus texts in meaning.

So...the texts I mentioned remain very hard to get around.

Posted: Sunday, March 3, 2013
Article comment by: ronwood61

The bible was written by different men at different times, many were hundreds of years after the fact, and then during the Dark Ages other men decided on which "books" they liked and put these into what we call the King James version of the bible. There were many "books" they did not like or include - why? And many words (hence meanings) were changed during translations from Hebrew to Greek to Latin to English. To take this book literally is not entirely logical, but many do as seen here.

Posted: Friday, February 22, 2013
Article comment by: Kepha

Ron, This might be interesting for you to read:

Also see 1 Corinthians 6:9-10, Romans 1:26-27, and 1 Timothy 1:9-10. There isn't much room in these verses for 'different interpretations.' There are also several Old Testament verses.

Posted: Friday, February 22, 2013
Article comment by: ronwood61

Derek, just like Sandy you seem to feel your interpretation of the bible is the correct one. We have too many people like that which is part of the problem. The bible was written by many men at different times in the past and then pieced together, which is why it contains so many contradictions (an eye for an eye and turn the other cheek as one example) and is easy to take different meanings from the same parts.
I cannot find any place in it, however, where it condemns homosexuality but if you do then this is an example of different interpretations.

Posted: Thursday, February 21, 2013
Article comment by: METALWORKER

Thank you. You have cleared some things up for me, things I was i doubt about and in the process muddied the watyers on a few other things. Over all though, thank you.
I, and I do say I, as I can only speak for me and on my perceprion of the facts as I know them. I am sure that if I am wrong in what I say You will, I hope, along with others wo are more than likely more knowledgable than I, correct me. Set me straight.
I have hade the privlege of knowing several Sandys in my short life and have obsevered that some were he's and some shes. so, while reading Sandy's letter, I wondered which Sandy was. You have cleared that up for me, thank u !
I thought that what Sandy had said was pretty much what I believe in.
I believe that the Homo. life style is not for me, but, as a male I never had any doubts, none, nada. Upon seeing a good looking girl/ women walking, sitting or doing whatever I must admit, I lusted in my mind and hearth and wondered, what if , if only Yah, Fine she is.
No, no doubts.
I cannot, imagine the frustration, lonly feeling and yes, the anger of someone who had doubts. who looked one way but felt another.How about a person who was born with both genitles, I meen, you say God does not make mistakes so He must have intended that condition, or not and a choice had to be made based on feelings. Not yours, the feelings of the person in that situation. Does that male interest them or the girl across the way. Not your judgement, not your call.
Internals and externals do not always match up, do they and that has nothing to do with 2000 year old medical or anatomy beliefes, or in fact religious teachings. Kinda lik a flat earth and the earth the center of the universe and witchcraft and just the plain lack of konledge that was to come.
Atoms, a sub microscopic partical and the power that that partical might hold, why if that theory were broched back then, death would have been welcomed.
To cut trough a lot of misinformation and explenations I will say this.Somwhere, I think, in that good book it is written that man was to render unto God that which was Gods and unto the government that which belonged to the government. Is that right? Please coorrect me if it isn't. O K
A man or women in a hetro relation ship does not feel right and is miserable, just cannot do it for another moment and contemlates ending a life that is unbearable but meet some one of her or his gender and their lives turn around, gets so much better. They are happy and spend a happy productive life togeather. Shareing and building a life. Woking and paying taxes on earnings and property and perhaps a business, a lifetime toreather and then one gets sick, ends up in a hospital and the other, because of laws u endorse, cannot go to the one he, she spent the better part of a life with. You say that for them that is Gods punishment while for a Hetro family who never got along that is a time to foregive, rekindle a lost love, mend fences.
They paid taxes , built a life and nest egg together and now do not enjoy the rights afforded a straight couple who never lived to gether, cheated on each other.
Which is right? Tell me. Should the fruits of their labors, go to a church that condemend them or to who ever is left and perhaps a child that was loved and cherished but u say was wrong for them to be around.
Should marriage in a church be open to such a couple? I am not sure, don't think so, not as a sacrement. As a civil recognition so as to benfit what was contributed to over a life time. Yes
But tell me, please, just who are they hurting? Who indeed? And why do folkes like u hate them so? Tell me.
Surely, that is not a lifestyle most of us long for. I for one could not stand to have so many peopleflat hate me and condemn me and deprive me of the things I have worked for and give up my love and intrest of a well turned ankle, trim body, The toss of long hair and a come hither look.
You I don't believe, just don't, that the human race will come to an end any time soon because of a few Homo's. Thak you God for girls and lovely, gental women, Thank You
Give them a break and let them reap the fruits of their contributions to a government they are a part of.
God will bless u for it. His Son said so, I think

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