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home : opinions : opinions   May 26, 2016

12/27/2012 10:14:00 AM
Letters to the editor: Properly armed school staff may have helped save lives

My one question to CNN’s Piers Morgan regarding guns: 
CNN’s latest effort at conducting a town hall style meeting titled, Guns in America, has been nothing more than a one clown circus featuring the babbling Brit Piers Morgan. Mr. Morgan, in this country most people have manners, are civilized and know how to have a proper dialogue. Your quests should be allowed 2 minutes to state their opinion without your rude interruptions. We teach our children not to call someone stupid just because they don’t understand or agree with our own point of view. Shame on you and CNN for your extreme unprofessionalism and poor manners. You are supposed to be the moderator, not the main attraction of this discussion.
If I were a guest on the show, I would have just one question for you Mr. Morgan. I would stand up, face you and holding a poster with the faces of the fallen 20 children and six adults, I would ask you this. Mr. Morgan, suppose I was a teacher at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Besides teaching, one of my interests is owning and caring for firearms. What if I was allowed to, and was the only adult leader within that school that had gladly, willingly volunteered to be responsible for a single firearm within the school? Suppose that firearm was secured away in the school in a location known only by me and any other adults that would want to know where it is. It was there for the sole purpose of making an effort to defend the schools inhabitants in a crisis situation.
Being properly trained in the use and care of legal firearms, I could have responded to that tragic Friday morning situation with three possible outcomes:
1. After hearing the loud crash of a front window being broken, I could have obtained the secured firearm and possibly struck down the offender before he even fired one shot.
2. I could have obtained the secured firearm and struck down the offender half way through his violent rampage and possibly saved half of the victims.
3. I could have obtained the secured firearm, and by the time I was able to approach the offender, after the 19th child had fallen, but before the 20th had, I could have struck down the offender and possibly saved that 20th child.
So I ask you Mr. Morgan. Look at this poster of the fallen 20 children and six adults and please answer my question with a simple “yes” or “no” answer. Would my efforts had been worth it?  
R. Bryon Walter

Reader Comments

Posted: Tuesday, January 1, 2013
Article comment by: ronwood61

Anonymous, your firearm knowledge makes me think you are one of the NRA advocates who has fought against reasonable gun safety laws which has allowed the many slaughter incidents we have had the past few years. Perhaps the logical answer is to keep guns out of the hands of violent and mentally unstable people. Other countries have done this but they do not have an NRA fighting to keep free access to own any type of gun for anyone who wants one.

Posted: Monday, December 31, 2012
Article comment by: Anonymous20977

Metalworker, it's not "pistol vs. Bushmaster". It's armed human vs. armed human. A Bushmaster is NORMALLY chambered in .223 caliber. Think about it. Only slightly larger than a "mere" .22 that folks plink away with and use for squirrels and rabbits. Yes, it's made more powerful by the larger shell case holding more gunpowder. Now, the pistol shooting teacher may have had a 9MM. This translates roughly to a .354 caliber. Hmm, a lot larger than a .223! What if they had a .45? Again, even BIGGER! Your point about pistol vs. rifle doesn't hold much water as far as "powerful" goes. As to the point of missing, I for one would rather have someone TRY than have everybody be sitting ducks at the total mercy of a madman.

Mr Wood, body armor is not some magical device that causes bullets to just bounce off. It does not cause the wearer to become Superman. It merely attempts to prevent a bullet from penetrating the body. 100% of the bullet's energy hits the armor and is TRANSFERRED TO AND FELT BY the person wearing it. Ever seen footage of shooting targets that fall over when hit? The power of the bullet hitting body armor causes PAIN. It causes you to have your breathe knocked out of you. It leaves a rather large bruise. Don't think the bad guy would simply keep walking and shooting while being hit in his body armor. Sure, he may keep going if he's REALLY tough. But he won't be moving nearly as fast as he was. That's with just ONE hit. If hit multiple times the bad guy will either be rolling on the floor in pain or hiding behind something , NOT running around "spraying bullets". Let's not forget, in most if not ALL of these past shootings the attacker shot themselves once they were confronted with resistance. Until someone "stood up" to them they were free to do what they wished.

My choice? Give someone a CHANCE to stop the shooter.

Posted: Saturday, December 29, 2012
Article comment by: ronwood61

I did not see the CNN show you speak of. Different than MSNBC and FOX, CNN has a practice of having all points discussed but Piers Morgan sounds as if he was auditioning to be a bullying FOX host. But I also need to point out that there was an armed guard at Columbine and the Sandy Hollow nut wore body armor so an armed teacher would have been just another casualty against a Bushmaster. Your armed teacher idea is a bad dream.

Posted: Friday, December 28, 2012
Article comment by: METALWORKER

There is a fourth possible outcome.
You missed, your shot went wild and killed another child. Number 20.
The shooter takes cover and a free fire fight ensues with strays killing and maiming 40 more children and you dying.
You have a pistol and he has a Bushmaster.
Get the point sir? All of you clowns seem to think you are Dirty Harry incarnate. You never miss a paper target. Well trained police miss with over 99% of their shots but you are better, you never miss. A paper target that ain't shooting back.
In your story sir, there are no children runnug scared and you never miss and they call you one shot Harrey.
Way to many if"s sir

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