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home : opinions : opinions   May 26, 2016

12/4/2012 10:44:00 AM
Open Forum: Government does nothing to protect lives of unborn

Have you ever thought about, I mean really thought about how well all government — local, state and federal — protects the rights of every human being in this country? Most state governments have abolished the death penalty for convicted murderers, but the killing of children through abortion is permitted. Government will punish us for cruelty to an animal, but allow us to kill an unborn child and suffer no consequences. Government protects the innocent by ticketing and/or arresting those drivers who exceed speeding limits, disobey traffic signs, or operate a vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, but consents to the killing of babies. Government protection extends to everyone, including those who enter this country illegally. It does not protect those who attempt to enter unintentionally through no fault of their own such as the unborn, unwanted children.
Sometimes government protects by denying rights. The self-destructive are prevented from committing suicide; the irresponsible in many places are no longer able to smoke or purchase larger-sized soft drinks and excessive-calorie snacks. Our right to bear arms granted under our constitution is subjected to constant attack by government under the guise of protecting the innocent, yet that line from the Declaration of Independence stating “all Men are granted certain rights by their Creator, among them being Life, …” is a right denied, by government, to unborn children.
There is the one right we always hear about; a mother’s right over her own body. Sometimes we relinquish certain rights. Mothers (as well as fathers) who are tired, exhausted, mentally or financially drained, or simply desirous of the freedom to party have no right to drown their children to relieve themselves of a no-longer-wanted burden, but they are permitted to kill their unborn child.
Currently, many in this nation have acquired a fixation with Mayan civilization, its calendar and predictions of Apocalypse. The Mayans, a savage people that practiced human sacrifice departed the stage of world events centuries before their own prediction of an Apocalypse ever came to pass. The Mayans, however, would be considered disciples of Mother Teresa if one were to compare their volume of sacrificial bloodshed versus that of our nation’s murder of millions of unborn children. Those children’s blood is on our hands; whether we perform the act ourselves, or stand silent and permit it to happen. We may have already killed the person who was to have found a cure for cancer, pollution-free energy or maybe just a better light bulb. The Apocalypse? It may not occur precisely on Dec. 21, but we are well on our way toward the Exit Door of History as a selfish and morally corrupt people, once favored by our Creator, but forsaken because of our disdain for the sanctity of human life.

Michael Skowera,

Reader Comments

Posted: Thursday, December 6, 2012
Article comment by: Kepha

Planned Parenthood is the largest single provider of abortion in the U.S.

We can make judgements on actions. Murder is always wrong. Life should be protected with the full force of the law. Abortion ends the life of another human being. We can't just say, "I think it's bad but go ahead and do it if you want.'

Posted: Thursday, December 6, 2012
Article comment by: METALWORKER

Like I said, Killing is not the answer and the answer is not your problem.
I do not condone abortion and yet will not, cannot judge anyone who has one. Judging is Gods job, mine is compasion which you show very little of.
Planed Parenthood does not preform aborations, it's main job is to prevent them and no abortions are not mainly used by those ingaging in consentual sex. That act is preformed by "TWO" I repeat, "TWO persons.
The use of contraception by two concenting adults would prevent that.
And sir, mam any girlunder the age of 18 cannot be a concenting partener. Simply cannot be.
And please leave politics outof any disscion about this topic.
That would tend to sugest that no repb. person would use planned parenthood or avail themselfes of a person who preforms that operation or would do it to themselfes

As I said Any discusion held has to be with an open mind. You seem to want to use talking point and not reason. That said this is a lost cause with you and so I wil cease.

Posted: Thursday, December 6, 2012
Article comment by: Kepha

I'm not a Republican.

Point taken on Obamacare though I'm opposed to paying for contraception, abortion, etc. most especially via the HHS mandate.

I do object to the use of contraception because it promotes unhealthy lifestyles, leaves one vulnerable to disease, is abortifacient in most of its forms, and is unhealthy for women who are its predominate users. And yes, I object on religious grounds as well.

Why my objection would nullify my complaints about abortion is mystifying. My view seems sensible enough...abstain from sexual relations until marriage thus avoiding disease, heartbreak, and 'unwanted' pregnancy. I think it is right to 'complain' about the unjustifiable death of 3000+ children per day.

Posted: Thursday, December 6, 2012
Article comment by: ronwood61

Kepha, I pointed to an acedemic type study that showed a tremendous reduction in unwanted pregnancies and abortions when FREE contraception was available. If you are against this for any reason, including religious reasons, then I for one will not consider your complaints about abortions to be valid. Plus your comment about Democrats not considering this is rediculous considering contraception is included in the Afordable Care Act (Obamacare) which is a step towards the study I pointed out. You are sounding like one of those Republicans unable to accept the last elections results.

Posted: Thursday, December 6, 2012
Article comment by: Kepha

MW, I agree that the blame should be shared among all parties...abortionist, male, female. Each situation would dictate that amount of blame shared by the man and woman. Remember, the overwhelming majority of abortions involve consensual sex. Abortion is simply back-up contraception for these folks.

Your blame on the Church seems out of place. It's not like most abortions are performed on women who are practicing Catholics and thus victims of the prohibition against contraception.

Lastly, I would say that however pregnancy occurs, the unborn child should not be killed. The killing of the child is unjust and will not heal a woman's hurt. If I am unable to properly care for my 1yr old I have no right to kill him. If my spouse leaves me and the presence of my 1yr old brings up many painful memories and feeling I have no right to kill the child. The same protection should be extended to all unborn children.

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