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home : opinions : opinions   March 26, 2015

12/4/2012 10:44:00 AM
Open Forum: Government does nothing to protect lives of unborn

Have you ever thought about, I mean really thought about how well all government — local, state and federal — protects the rights of every human being in this country? Most state governments have abolished the death penalty for convicted murderers, but the killing of children through abortion is permitted. Government will punish us for cruelty to an animal, but allow us to kill an unborn child and suffer no consequences. Government protects the innocent by ticketing and/or arresting those drivers who exceed speeding limits, disobey traffic signs, or operate a vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, but consents to the killing of babies. Government protection extends to everyone, including those who enter this country illegally. It does not protect those who attempt to enter unintentionally through no fault of their own such as the unborn, unwanted children.
Sometimes government protects by denying rights. The self-destructive are prevented from committing suicide; the irresponsible in many places are no longer able to smoke or purchase larger-sized soft drinks and excessive-calorie snacks. Our right to bear arms granted under our constitution is subjected to constant attack by government under the guise of protecting the innocent, yet that line from the Declaration of Independence stating “all Men are granted certain rights by their Creator, among them being Life, …” is a right denied, by government, to unborn children.
There is the one right we always hear about; a mother’s right over her own body. Sometimes we relinquish certain rights. Mothers (as well as fathers) who are tired, exhausted, mentally or financially drained, or simply desirous of the freedom to party have no right to drown their children to relieve themselves of a no-longer-wanted burden, but they are permitted to kill their unborn child.
Currently, many in this nation have acquired a fixation with Mayan civilization, its calendar and predictions of Apocalypse. The Mayans, a savage people that practiced human sacrifice departed the stage of world events centuries before their own prediction of an Apocalypse ever came to pass. The Mayans, however, would be considered disciples of Mother Teresa if one were to compare their volume of sacrificial bloodshed versus that of our nation’s murder of millions of unborn children. Those children’s blood is on our hands; whether we perform the act ourselves, or stand silent and permit it to happen. We may have already killed the person who was to have found a cure for cancer, pollution-free energy or maybe just a better light bulb. The Apocalypse? It may not occur precisely on Dec. 21, but we are well on our way toward the Exit Door of History as a selfish and morally corrupt people, once favored by our Creator, but forsaken because of our disdain for the sanctity of human life.

Michael Skowera,

Reader Comments

Posted: Friday, December 7, 2012
Article comment by: METALWORKER

Kelpha. Come down off of the fence,
Tou cannot straddle that fence forever. In tour mind is abortion legeal or not, If it is, who introduced the act that made it so?
Stop blaming this pres. and find a solution to a very scared person looking for help to a situation she did not want.
Stop telling her that she has to bear all the blame herself while tearing down single mothers by telling them if they had stayed in the kitchen and keept their leg crossed they would not be in this situation.
Sir, mam, you and those lay blame and poffer no help sicken me.
I do not wish to quote the bible but it seems to me that I read or heard that Christ, when confronting a group of people like you, looked at themand said,
Let those who are witout sin cast the first stone".
I may have that quote wrong.
I Believe what HE was saying to us wassomething like, Stop belittling her and help her as she is my daughter and needs compasion and not more hurt, some thing the Catholic church and you seemto want to withhold.
FOR "CHRIST" sake give of your help and loose your contempt and disdaine.

Posted: Friday, December 7, 2012
Article comment by: Kepha

If you read my posts to you I said repeatedly that the blame is shared among all involved.

Your suggestion is interesting: attaching punishment is always difficult. But, unless abotion is illegal it would be very hard to punish the offenders.

Posted: Thursday, December 6, 2012
Article comment by: METALWORKER

We agree on one thing Kepha. We can't just say go ahead and do it if you want.
The big differance we have is you want to put the onoe all on the person in whom the zygot is developing. And I wish to place equal respons. on the person who put it there.
The key here is equal.
I am not talking marriage as that would be a disaster, you may not think so.
Here is what I propose, every child from here forward is dna tested. A zygot is then matched with the DNA data bank. If a minor and the young girl has to drop out of school so too does the male.
If the male is out of school and is working then one half of his earnings go to the young lady
Ir the male sugests the abortion and is has paid for it, then he goes to jail and the young lady goes back to school.
If the male is marrid and has other children the jail time is doubled.
How does that sound, it think that would be quite fair though you may think it would be completly wrong as I see no mention of the sperm applicator in your missles.
Why not?

Posted: Thursday, December 6, 2012
Article comment by: Kepha

What of the unborn baby's health care? What of his or her rights? The scalded skin of a saline injection abortion is not the mother's. The dismembered limbs of a suction aspiration abortion are not those of the mother.

Pro-lifers don't ignore the serious emotional trauma abortion imposes on mothers (or dads for that matter) but seek to help moms in crisis as part of their work. Pro-abortion advocates however are forced to ignore the rights of the unborn child in order to attempt to justify their position.

Posted: Thursday, December 6, 2012
Article comment by: Anonymous19647

A women's health care should not be determined by anyone but the woman. If the tables were turned around here and we were talking about a man's health care, you can bet there would be no discussion going on about it. If a man had to go threw some of things that a woman has to endure, mentally & physically, things would be a lot different.

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