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10/4/2012 9:02:00 AM
So who do you think won the first presidential debate?
NT Staff

Kristen Goodchild,Ottawa: “Overall Obama was cool and collected. I loveeeee him to death but honestly wish he would have been a little more ruthless. I think Obama won because Mitt still cannot tell us what his plans are. He gives us a general idea and doesn't fill us in. However Romney was ruthless and rude.”

Max Halm,La Salle: “Governor Romney boxed President Obama into every corner he needed to. He held the President accountable for his failed economic record and showcased some of his successes as Governor of Massachusetts. I can't wait to say "President Mitt Romney" come January!”

Julia Messina, Spring Valley: “They both did a good job describing their visions of America- - For me Obama won this one on substance, while Romney won it on style.Romney is a state's rights advocate who will repeal Obamacare, voucherize Medicare and education, repeal Dodd-Frank (banking regulations), eliminate regulatory agencies of the federal government and defund PBS (sorry, Mr. Lehrer) among other things--basically take us back to the Bush era and over the fiscal cliff. In terms of performance, Romney's concluding remarks were strong and effective--very motivational speakerish.President Obama, on the other hand, seemed professorial, explaining his administration's outstanding achievements in a calm and reasoned manner (too calm and reasonable perhaps). The president gets a gold star for substance on his achievements: Obamacare, Dodd-Frank, Ending the war in Iraq, raising educational standards throughout the country, saving the auto industry, and providing healthcare to Americans in need of healthcare, but his performance was less than stellar, particularly his concluding remarks.”

Mike Richetta,Spring Valley: “I think Romney had a better night. He was chomping at the bit to respond to most of the president’s points, which was kind of annoying. But overall I was glad to see him discussing issues and plans.It's good to be the challenger to the current president when there is a tough economy. After all, didn't he enjoy that opportunity last election?”

Mary Jane Denis,Spring Valley: “My vote has been and will be with President Obama. He was cool, collected, real and kept to the points & issues. Romney came across as rude & arrogant, is too wishy-washy & is now backtracking trying to say he's for the middle class when everything he has said prior to tonight is to the contrary. He's a businessman who closed companies with billions in his own pockets not worried about the workers who helped him get there. I do not want him as a president leaving his fellow Americans in the dust.”

Rachel Gorenz, Princeton: I was very disconcerted by Romney's remarks about healthcare. He claims to be against nationalized healthcare because it's “wrong” to have some board of people tell you which treatments you're allowed to have. That is exactly what my insurance company does right now…I am confused as to what Governor Romney believes private insurance actually does for its clients/patients.I am also concerned that, despite prompts from both the debate moderator and President Obama, Governor Romney never gave facts or figures for any of his plans on healthcare, education, or the economy. Instead, all he did was toss around the “716 trillion” number which fact checkers from back at the Republican National Convention have reported to be inaccurate and false.”

Abby Barker, Mendota: “It honestly scares me to think that Obama might get 4 more years! Instead of cutting the national debt in half, he has increased it. Four more years of this is only going to hurt my generation more and more. He's not thinking about the youth in this country and how we are the ones who will ultimately get skewed over in the end. He wants to have higher class people pay more in taxes but what he doesn't understand is some of those people have worked extremely hard and came from nothing to get there…We need to get him out of D.C. and give Romney a chance to actually fulfill his promises! Romney and Ryan definitely have my vote in November!”

Jeralyn Cunningham,Spring Valley: “The President is still taking his stand and moving our country forward. Still sticking to his plan and never changing his game. He always shows class and composer. Mr. Romney has changed his song and dance one too many times in the last few months. He’s still a rambling man. Clint Eastwood and now Big Bird. What was that...I Love Big Bird. Obama for me.”

 Bobby Rios,La Salle: “Romney all the way!”

Al Steinz,Spring Valley: “No one won. This country is going to be the true loser in all this. The separation of classes will only widen in years to come. There won't be a civil war within our borders. It will be class war.”

Lanette Robson, Peru: I personally felt Romney was whiney, repetitive and couldn't stop interrupting anyone and everyone. I felt Obama was very professional and stuck to the facts.

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