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home : opinions : letters to the editor   May 29, 2016

7/10/2014 9:42:00 AM
Letters to the editor: Want fiscal responsibility in Springfield? Voting out Mautino a start

I distinctly remember a Cook County judge by the name of Judge Neil Cohen ordering the Illinois State Comptroller Judy Baar Topinka to pay the Legislators immediately with interest, when rendering a decision on a case filed by Speaker Madigan and Senate President Cullerton.

The case was brought before the Court because Governor Quinn used a line-item veto to cut the money used to pay Legislators’ salaries from the State Budget in July of 2013, in an attempt to urge the General Assembly to produce a bill to reform the States Pension.

When Rep. Mautino was responding to a Press Release by Jerry Long, the candidate for state representative, Mautino quoted, “If you recall, the governor eliminated our pay last year.” Then he went on to say, “ We didn’t get paid for three months.”

At first glance, you want to put your hand over your mouth and gasp while saying,” Oh what a shame that our legislators aren’t getting a paycheck.” Then when you find out the truth, you realize that Rep. Mautino just lied to all of us. Not only did he get paid back with interest, but, he also, went two months temporarily without pay, not three. Please remember, Rep. Mautino serves on the Budget Committee that writes up the budgets.

Then top of all that, he also voted for a pay raise for himself when our economy is in a mess. I guess Rep. Mautino is out of touch. He doesn’t realize that not only is the State of Illinois out of money, for him to spend, but the rest of us are losing ground financially.

I am tired of the dishonesty of our state representative Frank Mautino, and I’m supporting Jerry Long for state representative in the 76th district. We need some fiscal responsibility in Springfield, and it starts right here.

Bruce Norquist,

Reader Comments

Posted: Monday, July 14, 2014
Article comment by: METALWORKER

Again this news paper prints only what it wants and continues it's view of what the truth is.

A reply to fosterbw99's comment was sent a few days ago and must have been deemed inappropriate, it was not printed.

Foster states that the IL congress does nothing.
Not true, The news trib prints a piece called follow that bill several times a mo. and makes not of the bills passed and how our local reps vote.
Mr. M's name appears every time.
I may not agree on some of the bills. I may not agree with our Reps vote but he does vote. He is there and the state leg. does write and does pass bills.
Yet the News trib let this false accusation by Foster get printed and did not print a rebut.

As I said, I do not always agree wit our Rep. from Spring Valley and sometimes when I do not a meet with him or a member of his staff can be had and a discussion held. Some time with changes made to a bill and sometimes not.
That said, that mean that a change might not be good. But not because a Rep wants their pay and votes for a raise.
Tell me and the rest of the voters in dis.76 what the wannabe replacement can do and do focus on the one or two things you do not like about a Rep while ignoring the many good thing he or she has done.
Change, indeed can be good and sometimes very destructive.
I am so sick of reporters deciding what the truth is and trying to out do the last sensational story told with no regard for the truth.

Posted: Sunday, July 13, 2014
Article comment by: METALWORKER

@Foster I also said his time may very well have come, maybe not.
What are some of the things that I may or may not have said that you might agree with.
All I said was I can fault a person for wanting to be paid on time nor can I fault a person for wanting and voting for a raise for him or her self.
Would you turn down a raise? Would you say, just I will work hard for you and you can pay me whenever you want.
I know that his vote and his vote alone is not the only vote cast. That vote was just one of many and whoever replaces him if some one does will still have but one vote and should be paid on time.
So, again, I ask. What things you might agree if these other things were not there.

Posted: Saturday, July 12, 2014
Article comment by: fosterbw99

Metalworker – I would agree with some of your comments if the Illinois Legislature actually did something. But, sadly, all they do is protect the status quo and enrich their Chicago cronies. The Illinois legislature is ineffective and will not make the hard decisions that are needed. They value their own political wellbeing and keeping their seat above serving the People. Frank Mautino is part of the problem in Springfield. He was first appointed – yes I said appointed – to his seat in 1991 23 years ago. He was appointed to the seat that was vacated due to the untimely death of his father, who held it for 16 years. For 39 years, the Mautino Dynasty has held tightly to the 76th District reelection ensured by a combination of voter apathy, name recognition, and Democrat gerrymandering. I suspect there are some people that still think they are voting for his father.

As one of the most senior Democrats in the House, Mr. Mautino sits on many key committees. They include but are not limited to the Rules Committee, Revenue & Finance Committee, Income Tax Subcommittee, and Sales Tax Subcommittee. As you can tell by these committee postings, his vote is important in Springfield and to the Madigan cabal. For over twenty years he has helped shape the economic and social climate in Illinois – which was recently rated as the worst possible place to live, as rated by residents. This does not happen overnight. It takes decades, decades in which Mr. Mautino has toted the Madigan line.

Posted: Friday, July 11, 2014
Article comment by: METALWORKER

Is Mr. Mautino a millionaire?
Does he have unlimited funds? I don't know. Do you?
You see sir, when some one holds up a check of mine for work I have done and earned, why that hurts me and others. I do not have unlimited funds and there fore some checks I have written may not cash. Maybe a child of mine will not eat a school lunch or get to join a sports team, go on a school trip.,
Who are you, sir, to say if I should. or any one else should be paid on time?
You do not agree with Mr. Mautino on some things, fine, I don't agree with all he does and maybe, just maybe his time has come.
but not because he feels he should be paid on time or has voted himself a pay raise.
I have a gut feeling that you would never give a public employee a pay raise.
I, sir, have a feeling that that you think that al public employees l, from a teacher to the pres of the USA should work for free.
Only you sir, should ever get a raise and do not think you have ever turned one down, said, give it to Jane, she is a single mom with three kids and can use it more than I.
Ever done that sir? Huh? have you? Naaaaa! don't think so

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