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home : opinions : letters to the editor   May 25, 2016

4/19/2013 10:07:00 AM
Letters to the Editor: Here is what is 'crazy:' Infringing on Bill of Rights

This is in response to the frivolously written column by Cokie and Steven Roberts entitled “Gun Control: What are we afraid of?” which was published on April 15. In their article they stated, “No serious public official — none — favors a national gun registry, let alone a weapons ban.” This is simply not true, as Senator Dianne Feinstein from California stated on video in 1995 that if she could have gotten enough votes she would have “told Mr. and Mrs. America, turn them all in” in reference to banning guns. Former President Richard Nixon contemplated a complete ban on handguns as well. If these aren’t “serious public officials”, then who is?
Secondly, they make reference to “dangerous characters” being “free to do so” when purchasing weapons from a “private dealer” or a “website”. This is also not true, as all private dealers are required to submit buyers to a background check through the National Instant Criminal Background Checks (NICS) system. Websites that sell guns are also subject to both Federal and state laws. A private citizen cannot legally mail or ship any firearms themselves, but have to do so through a licensed FFL dealer, in which both a waiting period applies and a NICS background check is done.
Cokie and Steve Roberts say that believing a government is evil or tyrannical is “crazy” “and profoundly undemocratic and unpatriotic”. We only have to look the facts of what has happened in other countries during our lifetime and that of our parents. The University of Hawaii documentary titled, “Innocents Betrayed”, depicts over 170 million innocent men, women, and children being murdered in the 20th century alone by “great” countries of our time. These atrocities were committed after socialist regimes banned the ownership of guns by their citizens.  We would be foolish to think that something similar couldn’t happen to us.
Lastly on patriotism and democracy, I have to remind the Roberts that this country was founded as a Republic, not a democracy, with distinct differences. As a Republic, the rule of law and the U.S. Constitution are the higher authorities, not the will of the majority at any given time.
Since the founding of this great nation, our veterans have fought patriotically to defend the Constitution, freedom, and our way of life. To infringe on or trample any part of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights is unpatriotic, even “crazy.”
Heinz J. Gassner, Dixon

Reader Comments

Posted: Saturday, April 20, 2013
Article comment by: METALWORKER

"Crazy". Been hearing that word a lot of late so I looked up it's meaning and much to my surprise it's meaning has not changed.
As a child I was told the word was not to be loosely used as it's use could be quite hurtful
It's meaning, : having a diseased or abnormal mind : INSANE
2 : not sensible or logical Why would one who wants to keep an object that can and sometime does cause grave harm. in the wrong hands out of those hands be call insane?
Why would one who want to be able to walk to a park to watch a child play soccer, football or baseball, to walk to church or to school or just walk want not to fear being hit by a stray round.
Some say that only people who by guns legally will have a background check. OK. so explain how a gun is sold to someone illegally. DOES NOT SOMEONE HAVE TO BUY IT LEGALLY FIRST? You know, before that person sells it illegally?
I have never been judged to be insane so I'm more than likely not crazy, but I could be wrong just as I could be wrong about a straw, think it's called that, is not illegal.. Or is it and am I? Crazy for thinking so.
So, you see, using crazy loosely is complicated and feeling safe, being safe is just an allusion if only a few have a gun or is that if every one has a gun.
I'm so mixed up, won't you help me, because I always thought that it was better to not take the poison than to rush to the hospital after you did. So mixed up. Oh dear. what is right?
Help, help!

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