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home : opinions :   April 29, 2016

7/11/2013 9:24:00 AM
Letters to the editor: Letter on Affordable Care Act loaded with misinformation

You recently published a letter from Dennis Gross which was loaded with distortions and falsehoods. Many of your readers will believe what he spouted unless it’s errors are pointed out, which means you must publish this letter also if you do not wish to mislead your subscribers.
1. He put quotes in his letter which were never said as he quoted.
2. He pans a government controlling access to healthcare but we now have healthcare insurance companies controlling our access to healthcare and their only concern is making large profits.  This government he seems to hate is actually us, we the people, and we control the government through our electing people to represent us.  We do not elect who runs the health insurance companies.
3. He says “it is beyond doubt”  that  universal coverage will include massive tax increases, increased deficit spending, healthcare rationing, trampling of religious freedom, and a forcing of doctors to leave medicine.  Why has this absolutely not happened in Canada and all the other countries that have universal coverage and why are 36 countries rated ahead of the USA in healthcare for their citizens if we have such a great system?
4. He says doctors have to ask patients if they own a gun.  Has he actually read the whole Affordable Care Act (Obamacare)?  I actually have and nowhere in it is anything requiring doctors to ask this question.
5. He also mentions hospitals closing their doors rather than perform abortions.  Nowhere in this bill requires hospitals to perform abortions, period.
6. He adds that every government that has socialized medicine sets up a Health Care Rationing board.  This shows he knows nothing about the healthcare plans of the European counties, which are all differing forms of socialized medical plans, as none of them have rationing boards.
7. He states “the IRS’ estimates a family plan cost.  The IRS does not make estimates for the government, that is the job of the CBO and a couple of other agencies, but not the IRS.
I could add other misinformation statements in his letter but am more interested to know if he really has gotten his information from reliable sources or is simply repeating what he has heard from a few radicals and did not verify what he was told.

Ronald Wood,

Reader Comments

Posted: Thursday, July 11, 2013
Article comment by: OUTOFTOWNER

he has been watching way too much fox news, the problem is that people hear only one side of the issue or only hear what they want to hear, I also have had to explain this heath care program to people and they seem surprised in whats in it, so do what you can ron and good luck to you

Posted: Thursday, July 11, 2013
Article comment by: METALWORKER

Thank U Ron.
I spoke with a person last eve,. who complained about how lousy his health insurande had become, in fact, his words were useless and now costing him twice what it did, after Obama care.
I asked him when the Afordable care act went into effect and just how that bill affected him.
Wit a confused look he asked, what is the affordable care act?
That is your point, I think and I wonder how many will be willing to give up medicare as it is a social plan.
I asked him if he intended to apply for medicare and he said I will not be able to retire, I will work all of my life. when informed that one could collect SS and be on medicare and still work he as much as said I was lieing to him. It could not be done'
Why is it that the uninformed like a bass drum make the most noise are both filld with nothing but hot air.
Keep trying Mr. Wood. Spread the word and faith

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