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2/1/2013 1:07:00 PM
Super Quiz about Super Bowls will test super knowledge

Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis (52) talks to Ray Rice during media day for the NFL Super Bowl XLVII football game in New Orleans.AP photo/Mark Humphrey
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Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis (52) talks to Ray Rice during media day for the NFL Super Bowl XLVII football game in New Orleans.
AP photo/Mark Humphrey

AP photo/David J. PhillipSan Francisco 49ers defensive tackle Will Tukuafu (48) flexes his muscles with reporter Karim Mendiburu during media day for the NFL Super Bowl XLVII football game in New Orleans.
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AP photo/David J. Phillip
San Francisco 49ers defensive tackle Will Tukuafu (48) flexes his muscles with reporter Karim Mendiburu during media day for the NFL Super Bowl XLVII football game in New Orleans.
Answers - No peeking
1. Forrest Gregg, Bengals, Super Bowl 16
2. The Roman numeral for 50 is L
3. Larry Fitzgerald
4. Jake Scott, Dolphins, Super Bowl 7
5. Plaxico Burress
6. New York Jets
7. True
8. “In Living Color”
9. Tom Flores, all with the Raiders
10. Len Dawson, Chiefs, Super Bowl 4
11. Rod Martin
12. Jeff Hostetler 
13. Minnesota Vikings
14. Oakland Raiders, Super Bowl 15
15. 12 flags
16. Los Angeles Rams, Super Bowl 14
17. Five touchdowns
18. New England Patriots
19. Franco Harris, Super Bowl 9
20. False. The Steelers then lost the AFC title game to the Dolphins, sending Miami to Super Bowl 7.
21. Don Shula (Colts and Dolphins) and Dan Reeves (Broncos and Falcons)
22. Louisiana Superdome
23. Mike Tomlin, Pittsburgh
24. Bob Griese, Dolphins
25. Elway, age 38
26. 2-2 (The Chiefs and Raiders lost SBs 1 & 2; the Jets and Chiefs won 3 & 4)
27. True
28. 47 yards
29. Steve McNair, Titans, Super Bowl 34
30. Dick Vermeil, Rams
31. Dallas Cowboys
32. Jerry Rice, 49ers
33. Willie Parker, Super Bowl 40
34. Plunkett: 122.8 (10 points higher than Bradshaw)
35. False: The record is 11 catches, held by four players
36. True
37. Nine times
38. Packers by 14
39. Don McCafferty
40. Belichick (The Hoodie is 3-2 in the Super Bowl, the Fedora was 2-3)
41. New Orleans Saints
42. True
43. Atlanta Falcons
44. Miami Dolphins
45. Detroit Lions
46. Minnesota Vikings
47. Four: John Elway, Jim Kelly, Dan Marino and Tony Eason all played in Super Bowls. (Ken O’Brien and Todd Blackledge never made it)

Tom Collins
NewsTribune Senior Reporter

Super Bowl 47 already has a nickname: The Harbaugh Bowl or simply the Harbowl.
Sunday’s NFL title game marks the first time in Super Bowl history the opposing teams will be coached by siblings. John Harbaugh and the Baltimore Ravens take on little brother Jim Harbaugh and the San Francisco 49ers. The first and last time the brothers faced off in the NFL was at Thanksgiving 2011 — and John won.
The opening line for Super Bowl 47 was San Francisco by four.
San Francisco last played in Super Bowl 29, where they stomped the downstate San Diego Chargers 49-26 behind Steve Young’s record six touchdown passes. The 49ers are seeking their sixth Super Bowl win and to extend their perfect 5-0 record in NFL title games.
The Ravens also hold a perfect Super Bowl record during their comparatively short stint in Charm City — the predecessor Colts were 1-1 before moving to Indianapolis — having last beaten the Giants 34-7 in Super Bowl 35.
The lone holdover from the champion Ravens team is Super Bowl MVP Ray Lewis. About to retire, Lewis hopes to join a select few (John Elway, Jerome Bettis) to hold the Lombardi Trophy before calling it a career.
Lewis won’t be the only star seeking one more shot at glory.
Ravens safety Ed Reed and receiver Anquan Boldin hope a championship will pad their formidable resumes for the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Reed is a free agent making his first Super Bowl appearance. Boldin, a three-time Pro Bowler, lost his first title shot with the Arizona Cardinals in Super Bowl 43.
On the opposing sideline, another star receiver seeks redemption after a failed title try. Randy Moss played in Super Bowl 42 for the losing Patriots; but a 49ers win would crown a surefire berth in the Hall of Fame.
How much do you know about the Super Bowl? Take the NewsTribune’s annual quiz (47 questions for 47 Super Bowls) and test your knowledge of America’s biggest game.

EDITOR’S NOTE: For purposes of clarity, Super Bowls are not listed in Roman numerals, except where noted.
1. Who was the first Hall of Fame player (a former Packer) to coach a team to a Super Bowl?
2. Super Bowl 50 will be denoted by a single Roman numeral. What is the Roman numeral for 50?
3. A Minneapolis sportswriter stoically covered Super Bowl 43 while his son was on field trying to win it for the Cardinals. What name do father and son share?
4. Who was the first defensive back to be named Super Bowl MVP?
5. David Tyree used his helmet to make a clutch catch that kept the Giants alive in their Super Bowl 42 win over the Patriots, but he didn’t catch New York’s game-winning touchdown. Who did?
6. Which team won by scoring a single offensive touchdown, fewest ever by a Super Bowl winner?
7. TRUE OR FALSE: University of Illinois has never produced a Super Bowl MVP.
8. Viewers watching Super Bowl 26, won by the Redskins, briefly switched to FOX to catch a rival halftime show produced by which comedy troupe?
9. Two men have won Super Bowls as a player, assistant coach and head coach. One is Mike Ditka, who won rings with the Cowboys (player, assistant) and Bears (head coach). Who is the other?
10. Who was the first player from a Big 10 program to be named Super Bowl MVP? (HINT: He played college ball for Purdue)
11. Which Raider holds the Super Bowl record for most interceptions (single game) for picking off Eagles QB Ron Jaworski three times in Super Bowl 15?
12. The Giants won their second Super Bowl despite losing QB Phil Simms to a broken foot in a week 15 loss to the Bills. Who subbed for Simms in Super Bowl 25 and avenged him by beating Buffalo?
13. The Pittsburgh Steelers won Super Bowl 9 (their first) by holding the opposing team to nine first downs and 119 total yards, including 17 yards rushing — all record lows at the time. Name the losing team.
14. Name the first wild-card team to win a Super Bowl.
15. Carolina tied a record for penalties in Super Bowl 38. How many times were the Panthers flagged?
16. Which team was the last to play (and lose) a Super Bowl in its home city?
17. The Washington Redskins set numerous records in a 42-10 win over Denver in Super Bowl 22, including most TDs in a single quarter. How many TDs did the Skins score in a record second quarter?
18. Which team drafted two-time Super Bowl winning QB Jim Plunkett?
19. Who was the first African-American to be named Super Bowl MVP?
20. TRUE OR FALSE: The “Immaculate Reception” advanced Pittsburgh to the Super Bowl.
21. Who are the only head coaches to lose four Super Bowls with two different teams?
22. Super Bowl 12, won by Dallas, was the first to be played indoors. In which venue was it played?
23. At 36 years of age, this man became the youngest head coach to win a Super Bowl. Name him.
24. Which quarterback attempted only seven passes in Super Bowl 8, fewest ever by a winning QB?
25. Which Hall of Fame QB was older when he finally won a Super Bowl, John Elway or Johnny Unitas?
26. What was the American Football League’s Super Bowl record when it merged with the NFL in 1970?
27. TRUE OR FALSE: No Super Bowl has ever gone into overtime.
28. Buffalo would have won Super Bowl 25 had Bills kicker Scott Norwood not sent a game-ending kick wide right. How long was Norwood’s attempt?
29. As of 2012, three Super Bowl quarterbacks are dead. The list includes Baltimore’s Johnny Unitas and Miami’s David Woodley. Who is the third?
30. Giants coach Tom Coughlin was the oldest head coach (68) to win a Super Bowl. What 63-year-old coach previously held that record?
31. Only two penalty flags were thrown during Super Bowl 10 — fewest ever — and the winning Steelers weren’t penalized at all. Name the losing team that drew just two flags.
32. The Super Bowl record for points scored (career) belongs to a wide receiver who played in four championship games. Name him.
33. Name the Pittsburgh running back who set a Super Bowl record for longest touchdown run, 75 yards from scrimmage.
34. Which QB has a higher career passer rating in the Super Bowl, Jim Plunkett of the Raiders or Terry Bradshaw of the Steelers?
35. TRUE OR FALSE: No receiver has caught more than 10 passes in a Super Bowl.
36. TRUE OR FALSE: No player has ever returned a punt for a touchdown in a Super Bowl.
37. Dolphins QB Dan Marino threw the ball 50 times (completing 29) in Super Bowl 19, during which Miami set a record low for rushing attempts. How many times did the Dolphins run the ball?
38. What was the line on Super Bowl 1?
39. The coaches who won the first 10 Super Bowls all have been enshrined in the Hall of Fame — except this man. Name the former Colts coach who won Super Bowl 5 but isn’t in the Hall.
40. Tom Landry and Bill Belichick have coached teams to five Super Bowls, tied for second-most all time after Don Shula (six). Who won more Super Bowls: Landry or Belichick?
41. Super Bowl 44 was the first to draw a U.S. audience of more than 100 million viewers. Who won that game?
42. TRUE OR FALSE: No AFL team was ever favored over an NFL team in a Super Bowl.
43. Brett Favre took Green Bay to two Super Bowls, winning one, but it wasn’t the Packers who drafted Favre in 1991. Which team drafted Favre?
44. Seven games have been dubbed “Mud Bowl,” but only one was an AFC title game that advanced a team to the Super Bowl. Which team beat the Jets in the ‘83 Mud Bowl, only to then lose Super Bowl 17?
45. Which current NFC team has never played in a Super Bowl?
46. Which team, in the 1998 season, became the first NFL club to finish the regular season with a 15-1 record but NOT advance to the Super Bowl?
47. Of the six quarterbacks drafted in the famous “Class of ‘83,” how many played in at least one Super Bowl?

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