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home : lifestyle : lifestyle today   May 29, 2016

10/14/2013 10:32:00 AM
Nancy is opposed to doing personal things online

Nancy Dinelli-Prill

They are reporting a lot of snow out west this weekend. Is that true or did I hear wrong? I hope I heard wrong.
I’ve been wanting to write about my involvement in electronic media.
Yes, of course I bore those in my address book with photos I’ve taken, I seldom pass subjects to others that have been sent to me and I’m very protective of my privacy. I order nothing over the Internet or bank on the Internet or have my medical records on my computer. I mainly use my computer to submit this column weekly, which is very handy for everyone involved.
I had an elderly friend once, and after her husband’s death, she could no longer afford a paper. I thought I was being kind to send her my column at the same time I was sending it in to the office.
I discovered she was sending it to family members and friends. The thing that really got me is when her daughter received the unpublished column from her mother, she would write to me and tell me I should make changes and then sent it on to still more people.
I immediately stopped that practice and during the summer when gossip appeared on my screen, I realized how dangerous the electronic media can be. Your name can appear on something that you really had nothing to do with.
Therefore, when I had lunch with an old friend last week and she asked me if I “tweeted” or if I was on “Facebook,” I said, “no, that I wanted to keep a low profile and didn’t want to put my name out there more than it already is by writing this column.”
The funny thing is that it was through my computer that I had caught up with her. I hadn’t heard from her since her daughter’s graduation and I wondered where they were and what country they were in. They travel worldwide a lot.
We lunched and like two old hens, clucked away about what had been going on.
They had taken their daughter to Switzerland for a semester of college of which I couldn’t wrap my mind around that this girl already was in college.
They adopted a Chinese girl as a newborn and I was lucky to hold her at the christening party 19 or so years ago and have followed her along the way.
“Wasn’t it hard to just leave her in Switzerland and come home to an empty house?”
She explained that she will be home in November and then she is off to Texas to a college in the states.
We chattered away for an hour or so and it is so strange that we are such good friends because she from a wealthy industrial family; I from a poor immigrant family.
However, when I got to think about it, I was partially raised in the same environment as she was. For instance: When our house burned down, (I’m sure I’ve told you this before), I was farmed out for the summer to a wealthy family.
They had live-in help, a chauffer who drove what I think was a “Rolls,” expensive country club membership and meals served as if you were in the finest restaurant in town.
It was around the beginning of the end of World War II, and they employed either a Japanese or German family who were trying to get away from the dangers of war.
The things that impressed me the most was that the employed women would cook the meals and the men would serve them, always dressed in sparkling attire.
Also, as a kid in grade school, I was intrigued with the button that was kept on the floor beneath the dining room table in reach of the lady of the house’s foot. When we were through with each course she would press the button that would ring in the kitchen. Out would come the butler to clear away the plates and bring in the next course. This was a daily happening especially at the evening meal.
The little button was not of the modern day electronics, but it worked.
Having said all that, I just got an e-mail with an ultra-sound picture of our “twin great-granddaughters who will be born in January.
All through electronic media. Ciao!

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