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2/11/2013 9:41:00 AM
Super Bowl causes chicken wing shortage?

Nancy Dinelli-Prill

Did you enjoy the Super Bowl? Did you have your chicken wings?
Weeks before the game it was reported there would be a shortage of chicken wings because of the Super Bowl parties. Two men even stole $65,000 worth of frozen chicken wings from a walk-in cooler.
However, then came the gossip there were less chicken wings because there was a shortage of corn and not as many chickens were raised because of the drought. I don’t know if that is all true or not. I do know the price of feed for all livestock went up to the producer who had to buy feed.
If I remember correctly from when I used to raise a few chickens, it seems their main feed is corn. No matter how strong the shells were, the skunk or other varmint that got in the hen house could easily poke a hole in that egg shell and drink the innards out.
My father use to do that all the time. He loved eggs and he would poke a pin point hole in one end of the egg and a bigger hole in the other and then suck the raw egg out and drink it down right out of the shell, it was a sight we kids would always watch. I’m sure he was showing-off just a little.
We would save the intact shell so we would have them at Easter and by cutting the shell in half made decorating the insides easy and pretty.
Back to the chicken wings! Some reports are saying millions, as in 12 million, chicken wings will have been eaten while the Super Bowl footballs were being chased around the field. My question is who counted the wings?
Who was the fool that sat and counted 12 million chicken wings? Also, what happened to the rest of the chicken, or which came first, the chicken or the egg?
I do know that before the game, chicken thighs and legs were advertised really cheap. We bought 10 pounds for 79 cents a pound and will probably get another 10 pounds because they are really nice and plump and I’m sure they will go up in price because they are probably what was left over from the 12 million (12 million?, that can’t be correct) chicken wings.
Chicken wings are not my favorite, to me they are nothing but skin, fat and grease and then to add all that sugary sauce to them only adds to the calories.
I wonder if the chicken farmers are wondering if this “chicken wing” craze continues if they should develop a chicken that has four wings?
Wouldn’t that be crazy to see a chicken running around the chicken yard with four wings? I wonder if that would make it easier for them to fly or if they would get tangled up in their own wings?
I remember how mother use to go into the hen house with a pair of scissors, grab a hen, hold her tight, and trim the feathers off just one wing so they couldn’t fly up into the trees.
One day, when I was a little kid, I decided to help her. In my excitement to be trimming chicken wing feathers with my mother, I trimmed both wings and stood dumb founded when I let the hen go and she flew away. She kind of looked like a dive bomber as she leaned to one side in the air, it seemed that I had left the feathers longer on one wing than on the other. That was the only time I trimmed the feathers on the wings of the hens.
Mother always raised a mess of chickens. Some were processed for the freezer when they were young and become fryers. The hens were for eggs and then were for a good pot of chicken broth when their egg laying days were over.
I’ve told you before, down by the barns there were two large cottonwood trees. They were probably a good 20 feet apart. My Uncle Joe Tondi would string a rope between those trees and there he would hang the hens after he had rung their necks. He hung them by their feet so the meat of the chickens would be nice and white and free of blood.
My mother and us kids would, one by one, take those hens off the rope and process them.
First they would go into the pot of boiling water right there under the big trees and we would have to pluck all those smelly wet feathers off of those dead chickens.
The next process was to gut them. The gizzards, heart, livers and any eggs that the hen was processing at the time were all washed clean and put aside to put into Mom’s homemade risotto.
Tweezers were used to pull out the pin feathers before the hens were washed and dried one more time, then packaged and put in the big old ice cream freezer that Dad had rescued from a junk pile.
Yes, those were the days, when a chicken wing was just a chicken wing and nothing more. Ciao!

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