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home : lifestyle : entertainment   May 25, 2016

12/8/2013 10:34:00 PM
Amazing Race Episode 11: Amazing "Crazy" Race

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Kevin Chlum
Sports Editor

Welcome Race fans!

Well, another season of the Amazing Race has come and gone. It wasn’t my favorite season of the Race since there were no teams I really liked and there was little suspense or drama, but it did finish strong.

I thought the last three episodes were very entertaining, and the finale really embodied what the Race is about. It featured four strong teams in a tight competition, it showed us a different culture and beautiful scenery from Alaska and had some very challenging and entertaining tasks.

In the end, the team I wanted to win and felt deserved to win did. Jason and Amy were the most consistent team as they won two legs and finished second six times, so they were always near the top while the other three teams fluctuated more.

Looking forward to next season, which begins in February, we will be seeing teams from the past return as the previews showed it was an all-star season.

Some websites are reporting some of the Race’s all-time favorite teams like the Cowboys and Globetrotters are returning along with at least one team from the season that ended Sunday.

It should be an exciting season, and I look forward to breaking it down each Sunday.

Thanks for reading this season and please join me in February for another exciting season of the Race!

Last leg

Order of Finish

  1. Jason and Amy, dating (won 10th leg)
  2. Tim and Marie, exes (won first, fifth, 11th legs)
  3. Nicole and Travis, married ER doctors (won third, sixth, eighth legs)

Thumbs Up: To Amy for dropping the flour out of the plane and onto the target so quickly. Amy accomplished the task on her second try, while it took Marie 15 attempts and Nicole 21 tries, so Amy really gave her and Jason an advantage that they rode to victory.

Thumbs Down: To Travis. After the Race, Travis and Nicole were saying they hoped their five kids were proud of them. I don’t see how they can be proud of the way Travis talked to Nicole during the last few legs. Yes, Nicole did struggle with a few challenges, but Travis just shredded her to pieces to the camera and right to Nicole. He was condescending and degrading and showed no support when she obviously was struggling. She knew how poorly she was doing, so she didn’t need him being so cruel about it.

Best Moment: There was no one specific moment I enjoyed so I’m just going to go with all the scenery in Alaska with the glaciers (which the teams climbed through) and the eagles, it was beautiful. I’ve been to Alaska once before on a cruise and I’d love to go back someday. This episode reminded me how great a trip that was.

Quote of the Week: “The coast of Norway, the castles in Portugal. I could go on and on and on. No amount of money is worth it. If she wants to strong arm me out of it, then so be it,” Tim, when Phil asked him how he allowed Marie to force him into a deal in which she gets 60 percent of the winnings.


Leg 11

Order of Finish

  1. Tim and Marie, exes
  2. Jason and Amy, dating
  3. Travis and Nicole, married ER doctors
  4. Leo and Jamal, cousins

Thumbs Up: To Leo and Jamal for picking the bowling because they remembered a Japanese game show challenge from a past season and wanted to experience it. It’s nice to see a team make a decision for enjoyment rather than just what’s best for the Race. Leo and Jamal really annoyed me at the start because I thought they were over the top, but they seemed to tone it down and they kind of grew on me. They seemed to really enjoy and appreciate the experiences.

Thumbs Down: To Nicole and Amy for working together at the robot challenge (and still not beating Marie who got there 20 minutes later). At that stage of the Race, I feel like teams should be looking out for themselves only. I didn’t blame Jason for getting upset when Amy stayed behind to help Nicole after Amy had finished.

Quote of the Week: “You’re almost in love with him right now,” Phil said to Tim and Marie on the mat. “Don’t push it,” Marie said before Tim finished with this gem, “Well, she did the robot, so she’s in love with herself.” She always seems to be.

Question of the Week: Which team from this season would you most like to see return?

I’d like to see former NFL teammates Ephraim and Chester come back because they seemed like they could be a good team and they were a lot of fun. Plus, they kind of got a raw deal when they were eliminated by so many delays/flight problems.

Reader Comments

Posted: Monday, December 9, 2013
Article comment by: Anonymous84703

Good Job Kevin. I agree with all of your comments and hope to see the same teams you mentioned for next time. And it didn't surprise me that Marie negotiated a 60/40 split of any prize money. She's almost on my "almost like her because you love to hate her" list.

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