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home : lifestyle : entertainment   May 27, 2016

3/17/2013 10:06:00 PM
Amazing Race Episode 5: Your Tan is Totally Cool

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Kevin Chlum
Sports Editor

I was pretty excited about Sunday’s episode, but it did not really live up to the hype of the previews.

I guess that’s pretty common.

The previews really hyped up that a team quit and the Double U-Turn, but neither turned out to be very compelling.

The team that “quit” was David and Connor, the father/son cancer survivors. The father, David, suffered an Achilles injury a few legs back and he finally had to get it taken care of by a doctor, so I would hardly call that quitting.

And the Double U-Turn proved to be useless, as Nora said.

With David and Connor leaving, no other team was going to go home so the U-Turns didn’t really affect the Race or add much drama.

The previews look interesting for next week — but not as drama filled — so we’ll see how it goes.

Order of Finish

  1. Pam and Winnie, friends
  2. Max and Katie, newlyweds
  3. Beth and Mona, friends/roller derby moms
  4. Bates and Anthony, brothers/pro hockey players (won second leg)
  5. Caroline and Jennifer, friends/country band mates
  6. Joey and Meghan, friends/YouTube hosts
  7. Chuck and Wynona, married
  8. David and Connor, father/son cancer survivors (won third, fourth legs, dropped out due to injury)

Thumbs Up: To Joey and Meghan for the way they handled being U-turned. Their U-turn photo was funny, they made a smart decision on who to U-Turn and they remained calm as they went about completing the other side of the Detour. Meghan claimed that they would no longer be nice and she was now a “huge ball of fiery righteousness,” but that seems unlikely.

Thumbs Down: To the Amazing Race producers for the Road Block. As has been said many times, a great aspect of the Race is experiencing other cultures, but did we really need a challenge that involved a propaganda song for communism and socialism. That ideology hasn’t exactly been great for the world.

Bonus Thumbs Down: To Chuck and Wynona. It took them forever to figure out they had to hold hands on the bamboo dance and they really struggled on the cooking Detour, but lucked out that David and Connor had to leave. The couple had a nice moment on the mat after being told they were still alive — and Chuck promised to listen to his wife more — so we’ll see if they can step it up.

Best Moment: Although I was sad to see them go, the best moment was father/son cancer survivors David and Connor on the mat. The team flew to Vietnam and immediately went to the mat to bow out of the Race due to David’s Achilles injury, which requires surgery. David was upset he and his son had to drop out because of him, but Connor told him, “I’d rather race four legs with you than win a $1 million with anyone else.”

Quote of the Week: “We’re finally going to be able to come out on top without someone in a wheelchair … “ Pam said before Winnie finished with, “just rolling by us,” referring to their loss last week to David and Connor. The early-in-the-episode rang true as the friends won their first leg.

Bonus Quote:
“The bamboo dance we had to hold hands and everything. We’re getting really tight on this race. He’s got really soft hands,” Anthony on dancing and holding hands with his brother, Bates.

Reader Comments

Posted: Tuesday, March 19, 2013
Article comment by: Kevin Chlum Sports Editor

Agreed about the B52 crash site. I forgot to mention that. The brothers' quote was funny. They are a fun team. I think I'll be rooting for them to win now that David and Connor are out.

Posted: Tuesday, March 19, 2013
Article comment by: Anonymous84703

Kevin, agreed with everything you wrote here. The propaganda piece was extremely irratating to me. As was the visit to the war memorial - a crashed B52 bomber.
And the hockey brothers quote was priceless.

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