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home : lifestyle : putnam   April 30, 2016

2/25/2013 10:24:00 AM
Is there a way to clean playing cards?

Nancy Dinelli-Prill

I have an awful problem. I’m trying to save them because they are wearing out. One set has already been used until they can’t be recognized and I don’t know what to do to save the second set. Out of desperation, I tried uncooked instant grits.
I would appreciate any help I can get from any and all of you.
Oh, I guess I better explain further what is going on at our house.
With all the rainy, snowy and cold weather we have taken up, once again, our favorite, pass the time, the card game of gin rummy.
I purchased two decks of cards in Italy as reminders we had been there. They showed the town of Bologna, Italy, but we have had to move on to the second deck because we wore the first one out.
Now, the second deck is on its way to extinction and I have tried everything to clean them and save them.
It is no fun playing cards when they do nothing but stick together. I’ve tried powder, we have tried dipping our finger in a puddle of water, and because I’m trying to stay well, I get the shivers when “The Farmer” spits on his fingers in order to organize his cards.
I’ve stayed in and away from crowds during this flu season, so that “The Farmer” is the one out in public and doing the shopping.
Oh, I have to interrupt myself to tell you about one shopping list that had “avocadoes” on it and when “he” brought the bag in with the groceries and handed me the little plastic bag of “avocadoes,” I thought that they were awful heavy and hard and I wondered if they would ever ripen?
As I opened the bag to put the “avocadoes” in the refrigerator, it was then I realized he had bought six limes. I asked if limes were on the shopping list and he looked in wonderment saying he thought they were “avocadoes.”
He is really good at doing the shopping and in order not to waste the limes or have him feel bad, I’ve been using limes in just about everything. They are really good squeezed on the tilapia fillet he bought.
I even used them on the 10 pounds of chicken legs and thighs.
Back to our worn out cards and “his” spitting on his fingers to be able to handle the worn out cards easier.
I went on the computer to find out an easy way to clean cards. I certainly wasn’t going to wash and dry each card as some suggested.
“The Farmer” did buy a new deck, but they were so slippery we couldn’t hold on to them, and I decided the next time I was in town, I would go to the office supply store and buy one of those little containers of whatever they use to file papers. You know, the kind that little round container of pink stuff that file clerks stick their finger in so that the sorting of paper is easier.
Finally, I took a packet of instant grits we were not eating. Dumped one packet in a bowl, put the deck of cards in the same bowl and proceeded to rub instant grits all over the cards. Guess what? It worked to a degree and the next time we used them, managing them was easier. Now, every second time we use that deck of cards, I put them back in the bowl of grits and rub them around.
Do you have a secret on how to clean a deck of dirty, worn out cards?
Won’t you be glad when the tractors can roll again and we can get on with life and not have to fill it by playing cards with dirty decks?
But spring must be close because for the past three days a young opossum has been out feeding from the fallen seeds under the bird feeder.
Mandy Dog went running out once when she saw it and proceeded to, what looked like, bite the thing in the stomach, where upon, the animal, of course looked dead.
We called her off and waited a bit in order to see if the opossum was breathing.
Took about five minutes when the opossum slowly got up, shook itself off and slowly lumbered away.
I read once that when the opossum is attacked, as it was when Mandy Dog when after it, that it shoots off an odor in order to protect itself. I’ll have to check on that. I just know one thing, Mandy Dog had no interest in that animal after that.
Stay warm and healthy and just think, spring is on the way. Ciao!

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