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5/19/2014 10:00:00 AM
'Sticky' tags perfect activity for family claims

Nancy Dinelli-Prill

“The Farmer” and I sit in this, people empty house, day after day, looking at all the “stuff” we have collected over our 51 years of marriage and 30 years in “The Villa” and wonder why we pay a cleaning woman every two weeks to clean all this “junk.”
We both eyed each other when our kids and grandkids and great-grandson, said they were all coming to “The Villa” for Mother’s Day.
“I’ve got an idea,” I told “The Farmer”! “Let’s get some stick on tags and let the kids put stickers with their initials on what they want. That way if something happens to us or if we just want to get rid of clutter, we know what we can get rid of and what we should keep.”
And that my friends, is just what we did. We had our Mother’s Day dinner catered; I had collected asparagus every night for a week or so in order to keep it from the deer and add it, with mushrooms to our dinner.
Because it was son Kevin’s birthday we also added a birthday cake and ice cream and of course a round of singing happy birthday.
But the most fun was watching everyone taking a sheet of “sticky” tags and their pens and go around and tag those things that they could come back or take in the future if we didn’t need it.
For instance, the bedroom set in the spare room is never used, no one has time to spend the night and I think one of our grandsons, who will be off to college soon, “stickered” it.
Before everyone came, I made sure to sticker daughter Gretchen’s things. She lives out east, and like so many kids who have moved a world away, couldn’t come. I made sure that everyone knew not to mess with her stuff.
It was very interesting as everyone went around the house putting a sticker here and a sticker there.
There were two sort of strange things that happened:
For our 31st anniversary, “The Farmer” bought us this beautiful hand-painted, tall pink flower vase. It was decorated with Indians chasing buffalo across the plains and at the time I wondered what the design had to do with a 31st anniversary. I said nothing but how beautiful it was, because it was and is.
Because, our son Kevin’s wife, Tracy, has always boasted that she has Indian blood in her, I remember that day saying she would love that vase. He paid big bucks for the thing and I still didn’t understand why. I mean, after all, he didn’t even spend that much on my engagement and wedding ring together and one of those is worn so thin that it could slice my finger off.
Oh by the way, over the years I thought we could use the thing as an urn for our ashes if we decided to be cremated.
Mother’s Day morning at breakfast, I asked “The Farmer” what we should do with the vase. “Tracy should have it and why don’t we just give it to her?” I asked.
By the way, before this the vase had never been discussed except between us.
I got the cob-webbed vase down, washed it good and decided that, no, we wouldn’t give the vase to our daughter-in law, it would only cause trouble.
“Let’s just set it out and let whoever puts a sticker on it get it,” I said.
That is just what we did and the very first thing Tracy walked to and put a sticker on was that vase. I almost fell over. After all these years of me thinking she should have that vase, she ended up with it. Now is that meditation or was I praying all those years?
But the funniest and most prized find was what Alicia not only tagged but immediately put in her truck. She was in “The Farmer’s” shop and came out waving a “burdizzo” saying she had the find of finds.
For those of you who aren’t familiar with livestock, a “burdizzo” is what is used to castrate calves. It was a find for her because she and her father used that on many calves. Then, “The Farmer” dug into the show trunk and filled her arms with cattle brushes, cattle clippers, show halters and who knows what else.
What are you going to do? A find is a find, I’m just happy our granddaughter put a sticker on the piano. Ciao!
P.S. Is it polite to laugh at your own column?

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